Want to remotely live?

No humanity? Ever tried that? Some desert birds and insect for the company may be. If you choose to holiday on a converted lighthouse in the middle of Namib Desert, then you can enjoy the sand and the beach and the marine life. Another human may be a hundred kilometers away!

My job:

Creative and satisfying:


Ulysses, the great Mythological Grecian king once said, “Follow Knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bounds of human thought.” And he was talking about travel. This is indeed true because traveling can make you not only smarter but can get you some of the best friends in life and unquestionably the fondest memories also.


If you have the passion, we have the expertise:


If you think that you have the passion to show the world to the people, we have the expertise to make you great at your job. Our institute teaches you not only the things that are there in the world but how to present it to the client as well.


Well organized curriculum:


The curriculum is a balanced mixture of theory and practical. In the ace institute, you will not only learn about the nuances of travel and the tourism industry but you will learn a whole deal of soft skills, presentation tactics and deal packaging that will help you make a mark in your profession in the long run.


Stressing on eco-tourism:


As a world-class institute, we take this opportunity to be able to influence some of our principles on our students and alumni who are the future citizens of the world. We stress on eco-sustainability which should be the handmaid of travel and tourism industry.


The future will rest in your hands:


How we treat our planet will determine our future. The respect that you will give it today will come back to you tomorrow. As a person trained in the industry and having the flair to design the leisure time of people, you are indeed thrust with the duty of making sure that you do not exploit nature or its beauty and in your own small way bring a change in the thought process of the people. If you believe you can, you will!     


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